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A Minori-tease Cabaret

Jews! Jews! Jews! is a Berlin-based minori-tease cabaret that was started in 2018 by Jewish-American artists Lolita Va Voom and Nana Schewitz. In their quest to “re-Jew” Germany, these two cabaret artists book shows featuring exclusively Jewish and minority artists. The show celebrates Jewish holidays and traditions in new and old ways while informing non-Jewish audience members about fun and unique aspects of the Jewish experience.

Featuring drag, burlesque, stand up comedy, magic, and music, this multi-genre and intersectional cabaret celebrates the modern Jewish experience by integrating and relating it to the struggles and triumphs of other marginalized groups. By using humor, protest, and subversive art, Jews! Jews! Jews! attempts to showcase the art that is created by Jews and other minorities in the present, and not as a thing of the past.


Upcoming Events

Jews! Jews! Jews! at Phoenix Festival Hamburg


Stay tuned for more news about our Hanukkah Extravaganzukkah, scheduled for 14.12.2024!

Jews! Jews! Jews! Trailer

By Lauren Harvey

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